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Professional Training Resources

Train As You Fight

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Practical/Tactical Pistol

learn to use a pistol correctly and legally

Intro To Lawful Use Of Force

Basic Pistol

Intermediate Pistol

Advanced Pistol

Red Dot/Optic Training

Arizona Security Guard (Armed/Unarmed)

CCW Classes

LEOSA Qualifications



Basic Rifle Training/Cleaning

Iron Sites/Red DOT

Low/Medium Power Variable Optic Training

Refresher to A-Z classes. Offerings from highly intensive operator course to classroom only orientation and control functions with innert rounds. Learn how to fully utilize the equipment you have now. 


Precision Scoped Rifle

100-550 Yards

Must provide your own quality, scope and ammunition

Extreme Long Range (ELR) Rifle

Beyond 550 yards.  Must bring quality rifle, scope and ammunition.  Students with 308/6.5CM are welcome

MOA/Mil/Dialing/Holding FFP/SFP


Experience You Can Count On!
Range Safety Officers
Don Houston (Experienced ELR Shooter)
Dawn Garday (NRA certified)
Jorge Bayardo (USMC and Police retired)
Jim Harter (numerous certifications)

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