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Private Investigator

Arizona License #1723959

Thank you for your interest in American Ronin LLC. You'll find I have extensive investigative experience that can benefit you. During my twenty years of experience in law enforcement I served in several investigative roles including the Narcotic's unit, DEA Task Force and Tactical Fugitive Squad. My case work included murder for hire, human smuggling, weapons trafficking's and money laundering. At times I worked undercover in order to infiltrate criminal organizations. I worked extremely complex cases utilizing the latest in technology. These investigative roles directly correlate to many cases I now work as a Private Investigator. Upon retirement, I started American Ronin LLC to use my years of experience in investigations and training. American Ronin is a licensed, bonded and insured private investigation agency. 

Recently, I have collaborated with Harter Investigations, LLC on many cases including missing persons, infidelity, court orders, surveillance and background checks. On larger cases they may be used for quality manpower and talent. Together we are solving cases statewide. Call/text 480-455-7558

Michael B

Gilbert Arizona

American Ronin, I've never been good with words, but I cannot begin to highlight nor measure the amount of hands on quality , in depth attention to detail and unwavering commitment Samuel and the staff at American Ronin dedicate to students and clientele.

Why American Ronin, LLC 

During my law enforcement career, I worked in Narcotics, an area known for covert operations and thinking outside the box. I worked undercover and investigated not only drug crimes, murder for hire, weapons trafficking and other serious organized crime cases. As a Task Force Officer with the DEA I authored court orders for wire taps on international criminal organizations. I am intimately familiar with traditional and electronic surveillance.  Other assignments included the Fugitive team which utilized  Open-source intelligence gathering, skip tracing, and locating people that didn’t want to be found. 


I have been a licensed private investigator helping clients since shortly after my retirement. Your matters stay discrete and problems get solved. I have a network of other private investigators to call upon for assistance in larger cases. I am happy to speak with clients and usually have several options and/or methods to accomplish their investigative goals depending on their needs and budget.

Areas of Expertise


Locate Missing Persons

Supervised Visits

Background Checks

Counter Intelligence 

Fraud Investigations

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